Precision Industrial

Precision Industrial Maintenance


This class describes the various threaded and non-threaded fasteners used in Industrial Maintenance. Students will learn how to select the correct fastener and the proper methods of installation. Prerequisite: Applied Math.

  • Total Hours: 12.00
  • CEUs: 1.20
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Hand & Power Tools


This class introduces students to various hand and power tools that are used in Industrial Maintenance applications. It explains basic hand tool safety and procedures for selecting, inspecting, using and maintaining the tools. Introduces different types of power tools and teaches procedures for selecting, using and maintaining these tools. Fasteners and Anchors is a prerequisite for this course.

  • Total Hours: 44.00
  • CEUs: 4.40
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Precision Measuring


This course covers the concept of measurement starting with rulers and levels. The class includes precision measuring tools such as calipers, micrometers, height gauges, surface plates and dial indicators. It explains how to read the various precision measuring instruments. Learn how to select, use & care for precision measuring tools. Hand & Power Tools is a prerequisite for this course.

  • Total Hours: 20.00
  • CEUs: 2.00
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Blueprint Reading


The course explains different types of blueprint drawings (civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing/piping, electrical), how to interpret them and teaches field sketching. It explains orthographic projection, isometric and schematic drawings used to show electrical, piping, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. Precision Measuring is a prerequisite for this course.

  • Total Hours: 72.00
  • CEUs: 7.20
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Safety and Rigging Fundamentals


Learn how to work and rig loads safely. This course includes personal protective equipment, how to perform basic contruction tasks safely and what to do if an accident occurs. It covers the slings, hardware, hoists and hitches used in rigging operations. Highlights critical safety issues and accepted rigging techniques and practices. Blueprint Reading is a prerequisite for this course.

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Basic Mechanical Components


This course identifies couplings, chain drives, bearings, mechanical and other seals, gaskets and O-rings. It covers the function and advantages of each and teaches how to select and install or remove the proper component. Fan and blower types and operation are also discussed. Safety & Rigging Fundamentals is a prerequisite for this course.

  • Total Hours: 80.00
  • CEUs: 8.00
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Bearings and Lubrication


Explains lubrication safety, storage, classifications, selecting lubricants, additives, lubrication equipment and lubricating charts. Introduces plain, ball, roller, thrust, guide, flanged, pillow-block, and take-up bearings. It also explains bearing materials and bearing designations. Basic Mechanical Components is a prerequisite for this course.

  • Total Hours: 56.00
  • CEUs: 5.60
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This course identifies and explains gearboxes and their uses. Explains how they operate and various types of gears. Troubleshooting and repair of gearboxes will be demonstrated. It shows wear patterns and proper backlash and adjustment. Bearings & Lubrication is a prerequisite for this course.

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This course explains pumps and their operation. It covers reciprocating pumps and various kinds of rotary pumps. A lesson on special-purpose pumps describes diaphragm pumps and pumps used for corrosive and abrasive materials. Also covered is the maintenance of pumps, including the replacement of packing glands, seals, and bearings. Gearboxes is a prerequisite for this course.

  • Total Hours: 40.00
  • CEUs: 4.00
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Shaft Alignment


This course covers types of misalignment and aligning couplings using conventional and laser alignment techniques. How to measure shaft sag, perform vertical alignment and align machinery trains is discussed. Causes of vibration, vibration monitoring, vibration test equipment and how to field balance machines are included. Pumps is a prerequisite for this course.

  • Total Hours: 76.00
  • CEUs: 7.60
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Valves & Piping


This course covers the selection, preparation, joining and support of copper, plastic and steel piping and fittings. The course provides instructions for cutting, threading and joining ferrous piping. Introduces chemical, compressed air, fuel oil, steam and water systems and explains how to identify piping systems according to color codes. Shaft Alignment is a prerequisite for this course.

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Hydraulics & Pneumatics


Describes pumps & valves used in hydraulic & pneumatic systems & their functions. Explains hydraulic/pneumatic system safety & basic principles of hydraulics, including Pascal's law and Bernaulli's principle. Covers how to inspect, troubleshoot and repair fluid power systems. Hands on training is included. Valves & Piping is a prerequisite for this course.

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STIGMA Industrial Maintenance & Machine Safety, Corporate
STIGMA Industrial Maintenance & Machine Safety, Corporate ...
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