Furnace Inspection Tune-up

Furnace Maintenance Service

As the largest heating company in the Northwest, we have fixed thousands of heating systems. We service most major brands of heating equipment, including York, Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, Coleman and Rheem. We do not offer repair services for baseboard or wall electric heaters. Our NATE certified, factory trained service technicians are standing by for furnace service, and also heat pump and air conditioning repair.

Our technicians have the furnace service experience you want.

Trusted, Trained and Supervised Employees
NATE Certified
Background Checked & Drug Tested
Licensed, Bonded and Insured

No Heat

If your heat is not working, call us 24/7 for fast assistance: 800-398-4663.

Diagnostic & Repair:

If you’re having issues with your equipment, our experts perform a diagnostic and repair service.

  • Furnace Repair
  • Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Repair
  • Tankless Water Heater Repair

Keep your equipment in shape with annual tune-ups to save energy and extend the systems life.
We service most major brands for:

Guardian Maintenance Club

Automatic Annual Equipment Tune-ups

As a member your equipment will automatically receive the annual maintenance care it needs to maintain its efficiency and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Filter Program

Furnace Filters Delivered Automatically to Your Home When it’s Time to Replace

Automatically receive your replacement furnace filter to you twice per year (5” filters) or three times per year (4″ filters).

Do you provide furnace repair services in my area?

If you live in the North end from Seattle to Mt. Vernon, our Lynnwood heating service technicians are ready to help. If you live in the South end, such as in Tacoma, Kitsap county and Olympia our Tacoma shop is nearby. Check our service map to see where we provide service.

What is a furnace tune-up?

A furnace tune-up is a cute way of saying maintenance service. Just like service for your car, a tune-up maintenance will keep your furnace working properly. Tune-ups should only be done by trained and qualified heating technicians.

Seattle furnaces can run nine months of the year. Based on the average temperatures in our area, if you compared running your furnace to a car it would get the equivalent of 1.8 million miles over its expected lifespan of 15 years. Your heating system will work hard for you, but like your car, doing routine and regular maintenance will keep it running smoothly, avoid problems, and keep your warranty intact.

What is the difference between furnace repair service and furnace maintenance?

Similar to automotive service types, a furnace repair service appointment is geared at diagnosing and fixing a problem with your heating equipment. A technician will come to your home, perform a diagnostic check of your equipment and identify the issues and solutions. Any repairs will cost extra.

A maintenance service is done on a healthy system to proactively ensure it continues to be running smoothly. During the maintenance all of the system components are checked and adjusted to ensure they are working properly.

How much can heat pump or AC system maintenance save?

heating service infographic

Why is my furnace loud?

There are several reasons why you might experience an extra noisy furnace. To find out which one of the following is true for your home, call for a furnace service appointment or fill out the request service form. This is a diagnostic service call, not a maintenance issue.

Heating equipment and ductwork make noise as they heat and cool, and as the heat comes on and off. A boom, rattle, hum or fan noise is common. But more significant noise complaints about furnaces can indicate other issues:

  • If your furnace is inside the house, it may be located in an area that is magnifying the sound it makes – such as under a staircase. Often moving the furnace to another part of the house can reduce that noise. You may find that it’s in an area that was previously occupied by another older type of furnace, and you never heard those sounds from that one. Please keep in mind that modern furnaces are built differently – with multiple speeds and stages – which may create different sounds and require more airflow than your old ductwork has available. If the furnace doesn’t get enough air, it gets cranky.
  • Furnace is making more noise because it’s turning on and off more frequently. It may need repair, may not have been sized properly to fit the needs of your house, or may not have the airflow available that it needs from the ducts. The ducts are most often the culprit. Sometimes adding a cold air return can solve this. Ensure your vents are all open. If you are closing off vents in your house this can contribute to the issue.
  • Furnace just started making noise after running quietly for years. This is a sign of an aging furnace or a potential mechanical problem. If you also smell a burnt odor, please call for service.
  • Furnace is humming loudly and it didn’t use to. The vibrations in the furnace may have jogged something loose (a screw perhaps), which is vibrating. It may also be an early indicator of a problem with the motor.
  • Ductwork is also part of your heating system and the humming or rattling noises can come from a loose duct. Ducts can be reinforced and made tighter to reduce vibration noise.
Source: www.washingtonenergy.com
Furnace Servicing and Maintenance 24 Hour Emergency Service
Furnace Servicing and Maintenance 24 Hour Emergency Service
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Affordable Furnace Maintenance Services in Chicago ...
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