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Maintenance Services System

Systems Maintenance Services (SMS) offers an adaptive suite of managed IT asset lifecycle support services developed to meet the unique requirements of an organization's evolving infrastructure. The SMS service portfolio includes a wide range of cost-effective offerings such as hardware maintenance, smart hands, data migrations, asset management, product deployment, data center relocation, data erasure, media destruction and IT asset recycling. These services are provided worldwide via a network of SMS and affiliate-owned service centers located near most major cities in North America, Asia and Europe.

Founded in 1981, SMS is one of the world's foremost global providers of multi-vendor IT asset lifecycle service solutions. We would like you to think of us as "locally global." All SMS operational processes are globally standardized and seamless while also designed to be locally flexible and accommodating. This approach ensures our solutions will fit the unique requirements of your data centers as well as your branch offices.

Our clients keep their assets longer and experience a greater return on investment from those assets when supported by SMS.

When our clients look at the lifecycle of an asset, they realize that the greatest capital cost is the cost of acquisition inclusive of implementation. We service most assets from acquisition, through its service life and on to retirement. Our goal is to help you minimize the ongoing operating costs and maximize the asset's useful life.

We help everyone from mid–market to global enterprises with their IT service requirements.

We have client references in numerous vertical industries and the public sector which include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare, health sciences and hospitals
  • Financial services, banking, international banking and insurance
  • Retail and online retail
  • Large manufacturing
  • Higher education
  • Local, State, and Federal governments.

Our global technical experts and engineering teams are full-time employees, "system smart" and highly trained. They combine their hardware and system software skills to troubleshoot problems quickly and maximize IT system uptime.

With unequalled responsiveness and technical expertise, our global client support agreements deliver:

  • Hardware and software "system smart" engineers local to your area
  • HotSpares℠ enable our engineers to arrive at your site with working parts in hand
  • Fix-IT-First® enables a response to your problem even if it is not covered under your contract
  • Client support processes that pinpoint the engineering resources and sparing levels needed to meet or exceed your SLAs
  • singlePoint® access for multi-vendor incident tracking and IT asset and contract management that provides you with visibility as to the state of all your assets and their performance.
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