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Passive Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance ServicesDo you know how much impact downtime costs?

According to Dunn & Bradstreet, 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week. This translate to the labour component of downtime costs for such a company would be $896, 000 weekly, which translates into more than $46 million per year. (Source:

Preventive maintenance is the key to obtaining years of trouble-free service from your computer or organization infrastructure services. Laptop systems are especially prone to problems because they are portable and therefore exposed to more problems than desktop systems, which remain in a single location. A little care combined with some preventive maintenance procedures can reduce problem behavior, data loss, and component failure as well as ensure a longer, trouble-free life for your system. Preventive maintenance also can increase your system's resale value because it will look and run better.

Developing a preventive maintenance program is important to everyone who uses or manages laptops. The two types of preventive maintenance procedures are passive and active.

Passive preventive maintenance includes steps you can take to protect a system from the environment, such as using power-protection devices; ensuring a clean, temperature-controlled environment; and preventing excessive vibration. In other words, passive preventive maintenance means treating your system well.

An active preventive maintenance program includes procedures that promote a longer, trouble-free life for your laptop. This type of preventive maintenance primarily involves the periodic cleaning of the system and its components. The following sections describe both passive and active preventive maintenance procedures.

At Rugged Asia, we believe in keeping our clients' technology systems at their tip top conditions enabling them to be at their peak productivity at all times. Thus, we provide additional maintenance care services to remove any hassles or headaches for our clients to maintain their own computer systems. We provide services such as:

- Active Preventive Maintenance Procedures
- Operating System critical and security updates
- Anti-Virus software and signature update
- Basic hardware diagnostics & maintenance
- Hardware / Software conflicts diagnostic
- Hardware Recalibration
- System Optimization
- System Backups
- Cleaning up the systems inside out
- Hard Disk Maintenance and Optimization
- Health check report
7 Edit PM Activity (Preventive Maintenance)
7 Edit PM Activity (Preventive Maintenance)
Rapidinhas MaximoCon - IBM Maximo Manutenção Preventiva
Rapidinhas MaximoCon - IBM Maximo Manutenção Preventiva ...
Preventive maintenance KPIs
Preventive maintenance KPIs
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